Being the Boss Never Stops!

I spent the day with one of my favorite girlfriends.  She runs a business like I do and we commensurate regularly over the babysitting services that we offer. She was nervous about her yearly exam and I offered to hang with her at the doctor’s office .  After we got out of the appointment, she told me she was three years cancer free today.  I felt so privileged that I got to spend the day with her.  I said let’s go celebrate and have lunch at one of our favorite spots.  So off we went, on our little neurotic drive through the neighborhoods.  Come to find out, she  has a little anxiety thing with highways, so it was a windy path to get to our destination, but I didn’t care, as in my brain, I was taking the day off.  (Insert laughter right there).

You see in my world, my world as a business owner, there truly is never a day off.  My phone has to stay on.  You know, in case someone can’t find something, like, oh, I don’t know, broccoli, their tip money, or maybe to tell me the fridge isn’t working, or the air conditioner is out.   Oh, how I live for those calls.  I didn’t get any of those today, but my dear friend had lots of bad shit goin on. So, really therefore, I did to as it is just a constant reminder of our positions in this world. 

We ordered our food and when mine came out there truly was a big hair on it.  I am not that uptight and just took it out and let them know.  I mean they were standing there, but here is the thing on that.  Because I am a restaurant owner, I watch how other places deal with it.  If it had been at my restaurant I would have been mortified, but probably tried to cover it up with humor.  I can promise that I would have comped it.  They did offer to get me another one, but seriously, in my world, it’s not the end of life to get a hair in my food, and to be honest, it had taken forever, and damit I needed to eat.   With that said, they could have comped it, or offered us dessert just as a nice gesture.  That’s what I would have done. So, of course, as I am eating my lunch, I am totally thinking about all this stuff.  Thinking that I needed to use this as an example in my training.  Because to be really frank, you have to tell your people this kinda shit because otherwise they would probably handle it the same way.  I didn’t really enjoy my meal that much, maybe because of the hair, or maybe because, as a restaurant owner I am always thinking of these things.  Hell, if that happened to the wrong bitchy local in my small  town, the entire town would have heard about it before the person left their seat.

Sorry, I start a typing and I just go off.  Back to my friend.  So here we were celebrating three years cancer free and just really enjoying some one on one time.  Of course, her phone is ringing and texts are flying and emails are going.  Jesus Christ, I tell her to turn the damn thing off.  Well, I guess maybe it’s best she didn’t because she got a phone call from a client.  I won’t mention the name but it does start with the capital M and it is based out of Seattle.  Evidently, her project manager said something really dumb, like “Our company doesn’t do that kind of work”  Here’s the problem, she said it to another vendor.  Seriously, use some common sense kid.  In my head as I am hearing the conversation I think, if you don’t know something for sure, just say you will find out.  It’s almost as if young people just don’t get it.  They don’t get that we, as in, business owners spend a huge amount of time creating our brand, our image, our character and the perception we want people to have of us.  We don’t want it to go down the drain, because one of our employees doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about.

My friends blood pressure was skyrocketing and I am sure I didn’t help it with the comment of  “you need to be the face of your company.”  OOPs.  Sadly, it’s true and we both know it, but the problem is we can’t do everything.  We are amazing people, don’t get me wrong, but really, we can only handle so many things in a day, which sadly includes babysitting and holding the hands of the next generation.  Where the hell has the common sense gone?  Where have the leadership skills taken off to?  I have to be honest, I would have fired the girl.  I heard her on the phone with her, I heard her tell her she needed to take care of the mess she created.  My guess, like my server that I caught stealing, she’ll probably just quit.   Hell why not, via text.  I hear it’s the en vogue thing to do!


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