How a recession made me appreciate $100.00 alot more!

Today started out with the best intentions.  I had my list in my head of all the crap that needed to be accomplished by the end of the day.  The list included all of the regular suspects such as cleaning the damn car out, cleaning the house, organizing and paying the important bills, yard work, exercise and then the extras like taking the Caddy to the shop for a tune up, sorting through the pile of clothes that seems to become a mountain by the end of each day.  I was ready for it.

Then, the door knock came and my sweet neighbor was crying and telling me that her infant had just had a seizure.  Off to the Emergency Room.  Then the phone call from one of my favorite friends, Rachel, asking to do lunch.  Which then turned into “Let’s run up to the outlet mall!”  Which then, of course turned into “Well, we could go to the casino for a bit!”   I am not sure if I have mentioned before but I have a wee bit of a gambling  obsession.  I called it an addiction when I had plenty of money to burn, but, well since the fabulous recession hit, I have taken it down so many notches that we will just call it a minor problem  now.  

Ok, I will be  totally honest, I was so damn excited to go the casino.  I mean summer has sucked here this year, it was gloomy till almost two.  Why not go to the casino?  I had a willing partner in crime, so the decision really was a simple one.   I think it is so important to have a friend that can just take off with you on a whim.  Well, we grabbed a quick lunch and here’s where the $100. 00 comes in.  Rachel says she needs to go cash a check for some play money.  We both decide on a $100.00.  Now, listen three years ago a $100.00 was nothing.  It wasn’t strange for me to take a grand on any one venture. Sometimes I spent more than that.  I mean, I could.  I had a super successful restaurant, no kids, no husbands, no nothing.  I could do with my money what I wanted and the Gambling Gods were the lucky winners on that subject for sure.  $100.00 today is a pretty big deal.

Amazingly, we make it to the casino in record time.  Just two happy chicks excited to spend the day escaping our responsibilities.  Flying down the highway, windows down, sunroof open, music blaring.  Both of us fantasizing about the jackpot that was waiting for us.  We both felt it.  We knew it would happen.  It was just ours for the taking.  We drive up to the casino, and the same excitement that I always have when I get close to the building surfaces.  I am so excited, it’s like I’m on crack cocaine.  My friend, of course doesn’t realize the intensity of my, ok I will say it “ADDICTION”  I mean, I have been honest about it to everyone, but I don’t really believe anybody really believes me, but I know!  My accomplice  disappears, which is fine by me.  I am focused people.  I am here to win and escape all at once.

When you only have a $100.00 to blow, the intensity is stronger.  As a slot player, you know that you have to win a big chunk up front so you can continue “the high”.  Sounds crazy, but there is a stress that goes with it.  I drop the first fifty in no time flat, but then the $100.00 comes and I am on the ride…..YEAH!!!!!!  I am sitting next to an old guy named Keith, and he seems to be doing fine.  I am always a cheerer for a neighbor and he seemed to be doing pretty good.  So, all of a sudden, we are all doing great.  My friend  has joined the line and is winning left and right.  She is only betting 30 to 60 cents at a time, but she never went down.  We were having a ball!  After about an hour and a half, I said “if I go down to fifty lets take off”   BAM!  I hit another $100.00.  Guess what?  I was done!  I won $75.00 and so did Rach.  We were in heaven!  So proud of almost doubling our money.  We were WINNERS!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the thing, three years ago $75.00 would never have gotten my rocks off.  But listen people, we really are in a recession and $75.00 is a damn jackpot and so was skipping my responsibilities  and hanging with Rachel for the day.  We walked out of that casino like we truly were the “big winners” of the day!  Maybe this recession hasn’t been such a bad thing.  I’ve come back down to Earth and remembered how hard it is to make a buck.  I have to bartend for several hours to make that cash.  Rach and I talk about it all the way home, well, I mean in between some fun AC DC songs and a couple country tunes to boot.  Really, the fun was I was with my BUD!  That’s a rule for me now.  I have to go with a friend.  To be honest, the 150 bucks we won was just as good as if I would have won a grand before.  It’s all good!


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